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ARAGORN - Black ice - 7" EP 1981

Recorded in the early months of 1981 with the help of a guest bassist, this single is one of Neat's earliest signings in the NWOBHM era. Featuring "Black ice" and "Noonday" (which was also featured on Neat's 'Lead Wight' sampler a few months later), these songs are included in the 'Noonday-The Anthology' best of/compilation CD released in 2003.

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  • At 10:39 AM, Anonymous DaN edman said…

    This is one of my all-time fave NWOBHM-singles. It comes w/ one of the heaviest & most brutal guitar sounds of the genre + some truly awesome vocals. EVERYONE should download this now! Someone even told me ARAGORN were one of HELLHAMMER's main influences in the early days. I can't see that many similarities, but they sure were a brutal bunch.


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