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HAMMERHEAD - Speed Metal - demo 84

No info on this band except it come from the USA! No tracklist too!! If anyone can help me with tracklist and short bio it will be welcomed! Demo contains 5 Power Metal songs.

up the hammers!!!

BATHYM - Demonic Force - 7" EP 1991

Quality Death/Thrash Metal band hailing from USA that released one reh/demo in 1989, "Into Darkness" demo in 1990 and this single on French label Thrash Records (one of the best underground label in France in the early 90's) before splitting and reunited under the name Sathanas in 1992. Sathanas was active between '88 & '90 and a few guys talk about BATHYM as a break of Sathanas members. If someone can light story......leave comments!

1.Demonic force

demonic force

BATTERY - Till the death we die - demo 88

Cleveland's based Power Metal band, BATTERY is credited to one demo in 1988 and the song "Mercury" on the "Northcoast Steel: Cleveland Heavy Metal" compilation still in 1988. Vocalist Andy Boyer joined the band Purgatory after BATTERY had split up.

1.Till the day we die
3.Negatives (the ballad of Vanessa)
4.Gothic queen
5.Lady of the darkness

till the day we die

VALKYRIE (Holland) - Deeds of Power - demo 86

Great Epic Heavy Metal in its purest form!! Just listen to "Ancient Steel" tune and you will understand what I mean. You won't stop headbanging!!!

1.The ride of valkyries
2.The master of death
3.Ancient steel
4.Battlefields of Pelennor
5.The gods are angered

enjoy great epic metal that will bang your head!

AVATAR - City beneath the surface - 7" EP 1983

Before Jim Morris 's Morrisound Studio become the best studio place to record Death Metal at the end of 80's /early 90's that was a place where Heavy Metal bands recorded their songs! Pre-SAVATAGE's AVATAR is one of them and result is that single released on Par Records in 1983. Three songs later released on SAVATAGE's classics "Dungeons are calling" and "Sirens".

1.City beneath the surface
3.The whip

Morrisound sounds Heavy!!

ARAGORN - Black ice - 7" EP 1981

Recorded in the early months of 1981 with the help of a guest bassist, this single is one of Neat's earliest signings in the NWOBHM era. Featuring "Black ice" and "Noonday" (which was also featured on Neat's 'Lead Wight' sampler a few months later), these songs are included in the 'Noonday-The Anthology' best of/compilation CD released in 2003.

enjoy nwobhm

ALLIED FORCES - In Heavy we Trust - demo 87

Not the dutch band! This one is coming from Torino, Italy and that demo was recorded in December 1987. No more info about this band so if anyone know more please leave coments.

1.We love American girls
2.Dreaming of the rainbow
3.Shot of fire
4.In heavy we trust
5.Screaming in the bad night
6.Total possession

In Heavy We Trust


Exhorder - Live In New Orleans 1990 - bootleg

Correct sound with 3 cover songs (Black Sabbath, S.O.D. and.....Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!).

Exhorder live bootleg


RIGOR MORTIS - Demo 1986

Do not confuse with the N.Y. based Rigor Mortis who later became Immolation. This one is from Texas and has released 2 demos, 2 albums and 1 EP. Here's their first demo simply called "Demo 86" and recorded on September 14th, 1986.
I'm searching for their "Demons" demo 1988 so if anyone can share it it would be really wonderful ! :-) (leave a comment)

2.Slow Death
3.Foaming at the Mouth
4.Condemned to Hell
5.Six Feet Under
6.The Troll
7.Die in Pain

great oldschool thrash

A.O.D. (Altars Of Destruction) - 7" EP 1989

Finnish Thrash Metal band, it seem they only have released this EP but I suppose they also have recorded one (or more) demo so if anyone has more info please feel free to leave a comment. Vocalist is now singing in the band Oppression.

1.Altars of Destruction
2.Children of Misfortune



TROOPER - Heavy Metal from Romania

Go to their website and hear to their music! If you like Real Metal you won't be disappointed!

Go to headbanging \m/ here \m/

CORONER - Death Cult - Demo 86

This is a bootleg CD version with 2 bonus tracks. Tom G. Warrior sing on the first 4 songs.

1.Spectators of sin
2.Spiral dream
3.Aerial combat
4.The invincible
5.Arrogance in uniform
6.Hate, fire and blood

Death Cult

OLIVER MAGNUM - Word of Peace (video clip)

The song is taken from the "Drive by" EP 1992

All hails to the original uploader, George "Warlordy" Ketigenis. Thank you very much Metalbrother!

Downmoad it here


ACCEPT - Balls to the wall (video)

Another "back to the past" with that one. Once again....remember the glory days of Heavy Metal!


SATYRICON - Mother North (uncensored video)

That song thrills me! Fucking great Black Metal! Enjoy!!

MASSACRATION - Metal Massacre Attack

Great Metal Parody! :-)))))))

Manowar - Gloves of Metal

TOTAL KITSCH!!!!!! Anyway a great song, fortunately :-)

WASP - I wanna be somebody

Remember your school days!!!

I wanna be somebody....be somebody soooooonnn!!!!!!



Ben si ça existe!!! Pitain comment il me fait halluciner le gars! Comme quoi tout peut arriver sur cette terre!!!! Milladiouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

HELSTAR - Live at Dynamo (bootleg video)

Near 1 hour bootleg video by this excellent US band!! Really enjoyable Power Metal in its best!!! Great recording (audio and video) so don't miss it!
I don't really know the exact date but I guess that's could be the Dynamo Open Air 2005 Pre-party, 6 may 2005 - Effenaar, Eindhoven.

All hails to the original uploader!!!!

enjoy great power metal

Format is WMV

STORMWITCH - Live in Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg 29-08-84 (bootleg)

I think that is the gig from where they've picked up both songs "Cave of Steenfoll" and "Walpurgis night" for the "Heavy Metal live in Germany" sampler LP. This is a bootleg recording and the sound isn't perfect, anyway I guess every Metalhead that love the old feeling of this legendary band must have that one at home.

The rip is from an audio tape and there's 2 songs cut off but I'm not responsable of that...they're cut off on my copy too! Anyway....ENJOY!!


2.Cave of Steenfoll
3.Flour in the Wind
4.Longboats on the Horizon
6.Children of the Night
7.Priest of Evil
8.Unknow title
10.White Saints in Hell (cut)
11.Skull and Crossbones
12.Buried Alive
13.Sword of Saigon
14.Beware the Demons
15.Light the Pyre
16.Werewolves on the Hunt
18.Walpurgis night
19.Run to the Hills (cut)

Infos on the band can be found here


BAPHOMET (US) - 7" ep 1990


single 90

ANVIL CHORUS - Blondes in black - 7" ep 1982


Dark Angel-Live Demo From Berkeley 1985

Enregistrée le 22 mars 1985 / Recorded on March 22nd, 1985.

2.We have arrived
3.Falling from the sky
4.The burning of Sodom
5.Darkness descends (intro)
6.Hell on its knees
7.No tomorrow

live demo 85

Thanks to Shreut for this contribution


ENFORCER (USA) - Demo #1 1984

Very good US Metal, band coming from Chicago that never released an album, and it's a pity!

1.High treason
2.Salem's 7th curse
3.Final conflict


EXCITER(Canada) - Live at Wacken Open Air 03-08-01 (bootleg)

J'ai assisté à ce show et malgré un lendemain de fête très douloureux ;-) j'ai vraiment pris une claque par la puissance dégagée par Exciter sur scène! Tout simplement Killer!!!!!!
I've had the chance to be present at this show and what I can say is very simple: powerful and killer!!!!!!

1.The dark command
2.Stand up and fight
3.Rule with an iron fist
4.Burn at the stake
5.Victims of sacrifice
6.Pounding metal
7.Martial law
8.Guitar solo
9.Rising of the dead
10.Long live the loud
11.Violence and force


DESTRUCTOR (USA) - Bang Your Head Festival 26-06-03 (warm up show) Bootleg

Ce n'est pas l'enregistrement au festival même, c'est le show de la warm up la veille du festival où ils ont joués plus longtemps, et en compagnie de Hirax.

This is not the festival show recording, just the warm up gig they 've done together with Hirax.

1.Maximum destruction
5.Pounding evil
6.Take command
7.Iron curtain
8.Heavy artillery
9.Sonic bullet
10.The triangle